Our Mission

Owner Melissa Williams chose the word “Junction” to emphasize the role she wished for community to play at the studio. As well as the role she envisioned Yoga Junction to have within the larger East Boulder County community. In addition, Junction also refers to the root and meaning of “Yoga,” which is “Union”. By meeting at the Junction or the center point, we each are able to meet those we encounter where they are right now. Finding the Junction also relates to finding balance both on our mat and off.

At Yoga Junction, we strive to create a space for the entire community to gather, practice and enjoy the benefits of a yoga practice. New practitioners to advanced yogis will find the space welcoming, and our highly trained teachers accessible and experienced in teaching to a variety of levels and needs.

As part of her intention, Melissa has infused her schedule with classes that are geared toward the entire community—no matter the experience, skill level or income of the student— including the annual Yoga in the Park Series offered each summer, $5 Friday Night Happy Hour Yoga, kids and teen classes, family yoga, as well as free and discounted classes throughout the year.

I walked through the doors of Yoga Junction for the first time over five years ago and I’ve been in love with it ever since. Yoga junction is a local studio with a true community feel that I enjoy being part of. I love that on any day you might find another teacher or even one of the owners on their mat next to you in class. From prenatal yoga classes to hiking and yoga, Yoga Junction supports my guided yoga practice in every way. I continue to feel both challenged and held because of the knowledgeable and compassionate teachers at Yoga Junction.

Jen R.

Yoga Junction is an absolute little gem and oasis of yoga and wonderful instructors . I have been practicing there since it opened. There is an amazing spirit and sense of welcoming peace that pervades the studio, not to mention friendly and super qualified instructors. I highly recommend finding Namaste at Yoga Junction

Linda P.Lafayette, CO

Yoga Junction is an anchor of the community that has developed on Main Street in Old Town Louisville, an important part of what makes Louisville such a special place to live. As a longtime resident of Old Town and yoga practitioner, Yoga Junction feels like a second home to me. There, I come home to myself on the mat, and connect with other yoginis. The teachers are knowledgeable and inspiring, the classes varied, challenging and fun. Yoga is good for mind, body and spirit, but Yoga Junction’s unique atmosphere fosters and enhances the experience. I always receive what I come for and more.


I have been a member of Yoga Junction since the first day they opened. During that time I have encountered many different teachers and my yoga practice has ebbed and flowed based on my needs at that moment. The one constant has been the level of attentiveness and the individual focus from the teachers I have felt whenever I have practiced at the Yoga Junction studio. From the moment I walk through the doors, I feel a welcoming hug surround me, the relief of familiarity run through me, and the strength of self within me. I know that during the time I am within those four walls, I can relax, release, and rejuvenate myself in ways that only other yogis can understand. I know that I will be embraced for who I am, that expectations will only come from within, and that judgment is non-existent. I know that the teachers I have at Yoga Junction, like friends, are in my life in that exact moment because I need whatever they have to offer, and that, when they move on, I can expect with certainty the same from my next teacher. I will be forever grateful to Yoga Junction and its teachers for continuing to be a presence in my life.

Kathy K.