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Bhakti is so excited to be joining the Yoga Junction community! Having relocated to the area in 2016, she brings with her nearly thirty years of Yoga practice and over a decade of full-time teaching experience. She has taught more than 11,000 public classes and served as the lead trainer on 37 Yoga Teacher Trainings […]


Elizabeth is Yoga Junction’s go-to gal. As Office Manager, you’ll see her dressing the mannequin, managing the front desk, helping with happy hour, and greeting students. In addition, her beautiful artwork graces the studio walls. Beyond yoga, Elizabeth finds her zen doing metal-smithing, or painting and loves all furry creatures.

She Is

Like mist slowly stretching itself through a vast forest where lichen and mushrooms grow, she pervades the very air we breathe. She is in the blades of grass bending to the will of the wind. She is the feathers that fall from winged’s perched high in the treetops, the earthworm that burrows between the winding […]


Inspired by my mother’s practice, I attended my first yoga class in 1998 and knew immediately after that yoga would be an integral part of my life. In 2014, I completed my 200 hour teacher training in vinyasa flow with local guru, Richii Jai and am currently studying with Boulder-based teacher, Amy Ippoliti. Beyond my […]


Sky’s classes have a meditative quality that will leave you feeling peaceful in both you mind & body. She is a calm being that allows for the movements to flow from one asana to another. Sky enjoys teaching vinyasa flow to a wide range of people, so the healing properties can be felt by all. […]


Stacy’s yoga journey ignited with Bikram in 1999 and blossomed with a Yoga Alliance certified 200-hour Ashtanga Vinyasa teacher training at It’s Yoga San Francisco under the leadership of Larry Schultz in 2008. Since that time, she has earned a personal training certification with the American College of Sports Medicine and my advanced personal nutrition […]

An Ode to Poses & Pints

Join us this Summer for some good local brew stretch your tastebuds and come try a few but before you dive in and sip on a beer we have an invitation, read it right here: join us for yoga get limber and laugh then after savasana take hold of a glass sit down at the […]

5 Reasons Runners Should Do Yoga

In our active community, we often see a lot of runners who are trying to deal or heal from injury. But with a steady yoga practice, you can prevent these injuries from occurring, increasing flexibility, strength and stability.

Spring 2015 – Gaiam and Kids Yoga

It’s a rainy afternoon at Yoga Junction, a small-town Colorado studio on Main Street in Louisville, nestled between a barber shop and a florist. With the kids seated on their mats, Laura rings the tingsha, two small brass cymbals strung together, their delicate chime slowly fading away. “We’re going to start with three oms,” Laura says to the kids, their eyes glued to her. “Om is a really beautiful sound that makes you feel peaceful,” she adds, before leading them through a sing-songy version of yoga’s classic tenor. The kids join in with confidence and a soft sense of pride. “I like to put my hands at my heart when I do it, too,” a blonde girl beams.