yoga for kids

Yoga provides a great way for children to learn to feel comfortable and confident in their bodies. Yoga also helps children learn to integrate movement with the breath to help balance their bodies, focus their minds and calm their nervous systems. Classes are also noncompetitive, allowing children to move at their own pace. Yoga for younger children is fun and educational. In each class we explore a variety of movements and postures, and depending on the age of the group may play games, do artwork, or make music.

At Yoga Junction we offer a variety of children’s classes, including Parent-Tot classes, Family Yoga classes, and classes for elementary school-age children. We also have programs available to bring yoga to your school, whether it be a preschool or other school classroom. Or bring your child’s birthday party to the studio for a yoga-inspired party!



yoga for teens

Teens face a lot of issues while navigating adolescence. Yoga builds self-esteem and offers the perfect respite for them to help find balance and reduce stress. In recent research studies conducted by YogaEd., yoga was found to increase students’ self-esteem, improved students’ behavior, and also improved their physical health. It also offers a wonderful way to help balance athletic pursuits, keeping them healthy and strong. Yoga teaches teens to love, honor, and respect themselves and others. At Yoga Junction we offer a teen yoga class during the school year as well as summer teen intensives. We are also partners with The Wellness Initiative, a non-profit based in Boulder that brings yoga to youth along the Front Range. If your child is interested in joining a teen yoga class, please contact Melissa at