At Yoga Junction we offer classes that vary from power and intermediate to beginners, gentle, and prenatal. Our classes are designed to meet you where you are, and modifications are always given. Classes on the schedule are all levels unless otherwise specified, with the following class distinctions:

Level 1- These classes are designed for beginners and those looking to refine their knowledge of alignment principles.

Level 2- These classes are for the intermediate practitioner, and may include stronger arm balances as well as inversions.

Align & Flow

Classes are designed to build strong foundations of alignment. In this class, you’ll focus on creating strength and stability, as well as balance in your postures and will link the postures to breath in a short flow. These classes are for all levels, unless specified otherwise.

Align & Restore

In this class, you’ll focus on the fundamentals of alignment, refining your technique and building a strong foundation with both postures (asana) and breathwork (pranayama). Class will end with restorative postures. This class is perfect for those new to yoga, individuals healing from an injury or illness, or those looking for a gentle practice.

Candlelight Flow

A wonderful combination of vinyasa and restorative, gentle yoga to end your evening. Candles will light the room as you move through your practice with a peaceful glow. This class is for all levels.


Flow Yoga, also called Vinyasa Yoga, is an energizing class that improves flexibility and improves cardiovascular health. The poses are coordinated with the breath and linked with a sun salutation-like sequence (vinyasa) to build strength, endurance and mental focus.

Happy Hour Yoga

End your week on a light-hearted and fun note with this $5 class. Come every week and you’ll get to sample a variety of different styles and teachers.

Junction Flow

Our signature offering, Junction Flow combines breath, movement, intention and introspection in an all levels class designed for anyone looking to build strength, confidence and flexibility. Each teacher will lead the Junction Flow a bit differently, but every class will utilize the entire body for a whole body experience.

Kids Yoga

Join Laura for one of her kids classes offered as 10-week workshops throughout the year. Classes are divided by age—4-6 years, 7-11 years, and we also have a weekly teen class (see below).

Monthly Meditation Circle

The seventh limb of the 8-limbed yogic path, Meditation can be described as effortless attention to the Self, underlying our consciousness. All of us naturally have the capacity to live from a place of pure energy, pure spirit if we practice. Join Amanda for this insightful practice on the 2nd Saturday of every month at 5:30.


Bring your crawlers- toddlers to this class that incorporates stories and songs into a kid-oriented yoga practice!

Power Flow

Power Flow is a strengthening class that improves coordination, strength and flexibility through a series of yoga poses connecting breath to movement. Flow classes increase energy and spirit, improve core strength and cardiovascular health. This class may integrate standing and arm balances, inversions and other intermediate asana concepts. Great class for athletes, and yogi’s of all levels looking to challenge but deepen their yoga practice.


Join other mamas-to-be in a class geared for you. Postures, breath work, birth preparation, relaxation, and meditation are included in each class, enhancing comfort, increasing strength, and cultivating flexibility and confidence.

Restorative Flow

Find your inner glow with this class focused on the practice of moon salutations. Sequences will move in a calming fluid manner creating heat and replenishing vital energy. This practice will end with a set of restorative poses to deeply relax your mind and body, break up chronic tension, and prepare you for a blissful night’s sleep.

Sunrise Flow

Sunrise yoga is an all-levels class in which each person will be met at their challenge level. This class is a combination of intention, asana, and introspection. As such, it’s a perfect class for all levels of student looking to begin their day on the mat!

Teen Yoga

This class for kids 12+ is designed to introduce yoga concepts, including breathwork, postures, and meditation to teens. Each class helps foster confidence and stability in a fun and upbeat setting.