Melissa Williams and Carey King opened Yoga Junction in February of 2011 as a gathering place for the community to practice yoga and learn how to live mindfully. Having met while teaching yoga in Louisville, the two decided to create their own yoga space with the mission of reaching out to families, athletes and yoga practitioners of all levels and ages. Louisville provided the perfect home for such a venture with its welcoming community and quaint locally owned shops, restaurants and historic downtown.

Melissa and Carey both have backgrounds in health and fitness with degrees in exercise science. They both began practicing yoga more than 15 years ago, and have each been teaching for 10 years. Although their backgrounds are similar, each brings different strengths to the studio; Carey helps athletes find balance in their training, while Melissa helps mothers and mothers-to-be find balance as they navigate parenthood.

The two hope to see Yoga Junction bring together the Louisville community, providing topnotch yoga in a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere. Both women feel yoga should be fun, challenging, inspiring, and rejuvenating and strive to offer classes and workshops that cater to this philosophy. See you at the Junction!